April 21, 2013

Volunteer Time


For your safety:

Beginning September 1, closed toed shoes will be required for all warehouse and Fresh Mobile Market volunteers. No sandals or flip-flops, please!  Also, any volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent.  Heavy lifting might be requested; do so at your own risk.
Out of the Garden is sorry that we are unable to accept court-appointed volunteer hours. We look forward to meeting you at the OOTGP Warehouse.  Your donation of time is invaluable in helping us get our bags and supplies ready each week.  Please click the day of the week you’d like to volunteer to sign up!

Year-Round Warehouse Hours:

*Our warehouse will be closed on Thursdays this summer starting June 21st. This does not include group previously scheduled during this time.

Group Instructions (give notice, etc):

Groups are welcome at Out of the Garden!  We often find that many churches, youth groups, corporate offices, and others want to come together to serve at Out of the Garden.  Our only request is that if you are coming in a group of more than 10, please email TaNia Rowland Director of Programs and Volunteers tania@outofthegardenproject.org to confirm availability.


Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Pickup/Deliver Donations: Volunteers are needed to pick up food donations from various grocery stores in Greensboro and High Point between the hours of 10:00 am and 12:00 noon and bring them to the warehouse. Generally, these pickups involve 1-6 boxes of food. Volunteers should be able to lift 50 pounds. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact TaNia Rowland Director of Programs and Volunteers at: tania@outofthegardenproject.org.


Food Reclamation: Food insecurity is a big topic of conversation right now in Guilford County as we were named the hungriest area of the United States.  We are continuing a Food Reclamation Initiative that will allow us to feed children an evening meal at the Greensboro Recreation sites and the new Caldcleugh Boys and Girls Club site, and will save nearly 300,000 pounds of food from our landfill.

There are two opportunities to volunteer with our Food Reclamation Initiative:

Volunteers are needed for pickups from schools and deliveries to recreation centers. This takes no longer than 15 minutes and can be done on your lunch break. If interested please contact our Volunteer Coordinator,  TaNia Rowland Director of Programs and Volunteers at: tania@outofthegardenproject.org


Repackaging donated bread and sweets at the Teen Folk Center is another way to get involved with Out of the Garden Project. Sign up to volunteer with bread packing here:


Food Reclamation Volunteer Hours are weekdays 1pm-3pm

Fresh Mobile Markets: Volunteers are needed to help distribute food through our Fresh Mobile Markets. Volunteers should be able to lift 50 pounds. Please remember you cannot volunteer AND receive food at the same location, however, you can volunteer at another location. Volunteers can sign up here:

Sign up to help with Fresh Mobile Markets in DECEMBER