June 3, 2013


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Out of the Garden Project (OOTGP) is presenting a new challenge for you and your families this summer! The Backpack Challenge will allow you to experience a weekend eating only the types and amounts of food OOTGP provides in its weekly backpacks to children in need at Guilford County Schools and recreation centers in the area. These backpacks include two meals for a family of four to be eaten on Saturday and Sunday. Throughout the weekend, take videos of your responses to this challenge, hashtag them #ootgpbackpackchallenge, and post them on a social media site of your choosing! 

Food List: 
1. 1 lb of rice
2. 1 canned or dried lb of pinto beans or other protein beans 
3. 1 bag of spaghetti pasta
4. tomato sauce
5. 1 bag or box of macaroni and cheese 
6. 1 can of tuna or chicken
(You may substitute a can of vegetables or fruit for any of these items)
7. 4 snack items such as instant cereal, a granola bar, crackers, or a fruit cup


Out of the Garden Project expansion

Our Executive Director, Don Milholin speaking about “Stop Yelling at the Birds”


Merrie Conaway speaking at Hearts for Hope 2016

Joy and Coach Duff speaking at Hearts for Hope 2016

Hearts for Hope Celebration – reclaiming food from Guilford County School cafeterias (September 2015)

Unserved school cafeteria food to feed hungry families (September 2015)

FOX8 Bob Buckey Report: Out of the Garden Project (September 2015)

Watch this video about Northwest  Guilford county high school football players helping at our warehouse.  (August 2015)

Fox8 News: Feeding hungry students and families  (November 2014)

Hearts for Hope video about Out of the Garden Project  (September 2014)